I hate lines in notebooks!
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I hate lines in notebooks! Where can I find unruled Composition Books?

I just want something (anything) that is
1. cheap (under $5. $2-$3 is ideal)
2. side-bound (no top-bound memo pads)
3. not wire/spiral bound
4. has unruled blank pages
5. is approximately letter-sized

Why can't I find it?
Some previous questions didn't lead to anything.
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Best answer: You can get them at GramCo - they're super cheap. I've ordered before and if I recall there's a 25.00 minimum. But go for it, because these seem to be phasing out, so stock up while you can. I love them too.
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(the unruled one is at the bottom)
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I had no idea they were phasing them out. They're the only proper book in which I can do math.
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Believe it or not, they have a great selection of unlined blank books at Waldenbooks in just about any soulless mall you care to name. You have to slog through all the cutesy ones with the little doggies and butterflies, but they are there, and reasonably priced.
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Response by poster: fantastic! thanks SO much, iconomy.
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Asian stationery shops generally have them under Sketchbooks.
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