Examples of Companies Inappropriately Editing Their Wikipedia Page?
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Can you give me examples of companies that have tried to remove controversial information from their Wikipedia profile?

Hi everyone, previously I asked for examples of companies that had tried to use social media/user-generated content with unexpected results. The feedback was great.

I'm here for a followup:
Can you give me examples of companies that have tried to remove controversial (but relevant and factual) information from their Wikipedia profile?

A good example of this is the Wikipedia page for the NIH's National Institute on Drug Abuse. NIDA officials edited their page to remove links critical of their policies. Wikipedians discovered the editing and now NIDA's Wikipedia page mentions that NIDA officials previously attempted to remove criticism.

I can also remember that Congressional offices have gotten into trouble over editing Congress member's pages.

Can you think of other examples?
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Congressional staffers?
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A person who claims to work for Bryan Adams (and who seems to be able to change his official web site) has repeatedly tried to remove various tidbits such as bands he used to be in before his career took off (which she seems to believe are now making money off of his likeness), references to unauthorized biographies, and other things.
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Landmark Forum
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Wikipedia Conflict of Interest Noticeboard and archives. Most of the entries there are for addition of information inappropriate to Wikipedia, but if you browse through them you come across instances of inappropriate deletion of information as well.
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As Burhanistan pointed out, inappropriateness can be quite subjective, but the university where I work finds its faculty and students constantly reverting each others edits.
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The Wikipedia page for Burning Man has a LOT of edits, and 'controversial' information is added & removed. The Talk Page for it is also one of the longest ones I've seen in quite a while.

I say 'controversial' because exactly what is 'controversial' can be quite subjective.
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