Where can I buy this French shower gel?
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I'm looking for a particular brand of French shower gel called Bourjois. Is there any way to buy this in the U.S?

A friend of mine enjoyed this brand of shower gel while a student in France. We can't find any American distributors, though, and are wondering if there's any possible way to get this gel in the States.

She's really after the scent "Gomme-Moi," but would also be interested in "Bonheur en Mousse" or "Deshabillez-Moi", as she's afraid they might have discontinued the Gomme-Moi scent.

Anybody know where she might look? Bonus points for finding an American distributor, but I think she'd also be interested in a French distributor who would ship overseas.
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Sephora carries Bourjois...actually I'm pretty sure they're mainly a US line
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Although, upon looking through the product list I don't see fragrance...it's a start, though.
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You can try ordering from Marionnaud in France.

I'll try to see if they ship to the U.S.
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I'm in France right now, and will be for the next few weeks. If you paypal me the money I can pick some up and ship it to you when I return to Canada at the start of May.
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Oh well, apparently they only ship to France.
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On Bourjois.fr it looks like Gomme-Moi still exists. However, the only US-based site I've found so far is this one which looks a bit iffy and doesn't carry Gomme-Moi. However, it does have the other two you asked about, so it seems worth a try.

I'd also try haunting eBay. Never know what you'll turn up there...
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My wife's favorites!
I came out with the same as crinklebat.
The whole current series:
For you information, the retail price for those in France is less than 3 EUR... around 4 USD.
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Forgot to mention that my e-mail is in my profile if you don't find a better way.
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