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My fiancee and are going to have her dad and sister play a song during our wedding ceremony, think two acoustic guitars and two voices. We are looking for recommendations for a song for them to play. We have a bunch of ideas of our own, but we are looking for things we haven't thought of.
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In college two of my friends played and sang The Weight. Both played a guitar and sang. And it was gorgeous. And kinda the right sentiment for gettin' hitched.
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"In My Life," by The Beatles.
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I'm admittedly obsessed with Johnny & June...but somethin' they sang, perhaps?
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Here's a related question I asked about 30's-40's wedding music for guitar.
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"When You Say Nothing At All." It's been done by both Alison Krauss and Vince Gill, is gorgeous, and not affiliated with a religion, yet also romantic and sweet, without (IMHO) being cloying. YMMV, but it was a hit at my wedding.
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The Bramble and The Rose, great for a male-femaleduet

Give Yourself to Love, composed for a wedding.

Both excellent melodically, simple and accessible to everyone in the gathering.
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How about Two of Us, by the Beatles? Can be either friendship or love, though the context it was written and sung in was admittedly bittersweet.
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"Born for Me" by Paul Westerberg. (Some lyrics may not necessarily apply...)
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My wife and I had her cousin play (guitar) and sing Elton John's "My Song".
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I used to do weddings long ago on acoustic guitar. One of the more popular ones was called The Wedding Song. You can do some great stuff with harmonies on it.

If you're into bilingual songs, there's my personal favorite, Solamente Una Vez. midi, sorry* (English) (Spanish)

*that particular style is my favorite way to sing it, but there are others that are more romantic.
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Book of Love by Magnetic Fields. Friends sang it at our wedding. It's both romantic and funny.
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Sarah Harmer's "Open Window" is a simple, beautiful song written for the occasion of a friends wedding. The lyrics are really pushing the awww-factor, but -- hey, it's a wedding!
Lyrics | Audio sample at Amazon
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Afternoon Delight.
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John Denver's "Annie's Song" is pretty perfect for the setup and situation...
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Rikki Lee Jones does a wonderful version of "One Hand One Heart" from West Side Story. Makes a great wedding duet.
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I'll second a song from 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. Though they're not necessarily the most traditional love songs, I think they're some of the most truthful ever written and there should be a few that are honest without being awkward for a wedding audience! (Tabs for Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3)

Nothing Matters When We're Dancing, The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing and The Way You Say Good-Night are three of my favorites.
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I am planning a similar musical performance for my June wedding. Our songs are going to be "Remember the Mountain Bed" from Billy Bragg and Wilco, Mermaid Avenue Vol 2, and perhaps "First Day of My life" by Bright Eyes, off of I'm Wide Awake its morning.

Neither are recorded as duets, but im sure it could be arranged. They are the 2 most romantic songs I can think of.
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Ring of Bright Water, by, I think, Frank and Betty Cordell, although that seems to be in dispute. You can listen to Glenn Yarbrough's cover here (provided you have WMP).
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It'd be helpful to know your ages, and whether the song's likely timing (and audience) counsel in favor of something unambiguously romantic or perhaps lighthearted.

One stumbling block for me is thinking of romantic duets that can be sung by a father and daughter without risking creepiness. Something about devotion, maybe, like "If I Needed You" (Townes Van Zandt) or "You've Got a Friend" (James Taylor).
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Everything but the Girl's We Walk the Same Line was sung at our wedding, and was a highlight.
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Give Yourself to Love by Kate Wolf. It's a lovely song.
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Peter, Paul and Mary's "Wedding Song" might be a good option.
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Loved the PP&M suggestion, as I used to play/sing at weddings a bit and that was always a favorite. Another lovely wedding song is "Since You've Asked" by Judy Collins (Amazon sample here)
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Heaven - Joan Armatrading
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This is a little cheesy, but I just love that bread commercial with the song, "I don't love you much, do I, just more than all the stars in the sky..." So very sweet.
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More Than Words.

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Ummm . . . I'd argue against The Weight (which, while a fine song, is either inscrutable or thematically questionable) and vigorously against More Than Words (which, besides being a crap song, suggests at best that the exchange of vows is secondary to the kiss, and at worst that all that matters is whether the listener puts out).

If I were at a wedding and I heard a duet perform something by The Magnetic Fields, I would rush off and buy a few more wedding presents.
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You're definitely invited the next time I get married, Clyde Mnestra!

My best friend also had Book of Love sung at her wedding, with different singers and musicians, and it sounded very different. It goes well with acoustic instruments and voice.
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Going with the soft rock vibe, might I suggest one of the following:

Ambrosia - Biggest Part of Me
America - I Need You

Some other genres, perhaps:

REM - At my most beautiful
Semisonic - Secret Smile
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If you are going mainstream, and want something that everyone will recognize, I would nominate Love Me Tender or Can't Help Falling in Love, popularized by Elvis. Or maybe Sea of Love. For some reason I really like those songs, and they're pretty easy.

If the father/daughter duo manage to perform Biggest Part of Me without breaking into embarrassed giggling or crude gesticulating, they're pros.
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"If I Could" by Storyhill is lovely.
(lyrics about halfway down the page)
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