Where can I get a reproduction of the Voynich Manuscript?
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Where can I purchase a color-nicely bound reproduction of the Voynich Manuscript?

Preferably without interleaved commentary. I really just would like it for its artistic qualities, to be a companion to the Codex Seraphinianus.
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Best answer: This might be what you're looking for, but I'm not sure if it's in color.
ISBN: 2350130223
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Never mind, it's in color according to this website.
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I have a copy of the edition archagon mentions: it's apparently the first full, colour facsimile of the manuscript to be published. There's an introduction &c. in French, but the bulk of the volume is devoted to reproductions of the manuscript pages.
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Response by poster: misteraitch: It's nicely printed and worth the money, then? I've always wanted one.
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dmd: I would say yes--it's a good-quality hardcover art-book. In my estimation it doesn't have the same visual impact as the Codex Seraphinianus: the manuscript pages are reproduced not-quite full-page, so there's always the feeling one is looking at photographs of the book, and never quite the illusion of leafing through the manuscript itself. Also, many of the Voynich MS. illustrations are quite crude and 'unartistic,' but even so, it remains a fascinating document to leaf through.
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There's now a Flickr set of the Voynich images (via Boing Boing).
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Response by poster: (I'm 3e. That's my Flickr set.)
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