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Where can I find a lot of easily browsable pictures of both the inside and outside of houses?

My boyfriend and I are planning on building a house. We know we like contemporary style architecture, but saying "contemporary" doesn't mean much in terms of actual designs, so we would like to look at a lot of examples and choose some that we really like, to show them to our architect, when we eventually choose one.

I've seen some of the architectural magazines' websites, but there's a lot of info and text to sort through, and google also brings up more results than I can handle.

So, this place being in essence a filter of information, I'm hoping some of you MeFites know of something similar to what I'm looking for.
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How about a real estate site? Realtor.com or one for your area (in Seattle, Windermere.com).

You can set a search for "year built" and price and browse to your heart's content.
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I've used this site a lot lately. The Find a Plan section is handy. Here's the contemporary section, although of course a lot of styles overlap, so you should check every section. This is a site that sells blueprints, so they're not going to give it away by disclosing every detail and measurement, but you can see the full blueprints and renderings of the outsides of the houses, and there are hundreds to look at.
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New home builders' web sites are also a good bet. The pictures will be substantially better than those taken by real estate professionals. Try:

KB Home
Toll Brothers

and the like.
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daddytypes just mentioned something called Normalroom, which I'd never heard of but seems to fit the bill.
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Go to flickr and search for, say "modern house"

Go to apartment therapy and just browse.

Check out mocoloco's architecture posts.
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Better Homes and Garden Magazine has a website with a huge decorators gallery (which includes many architectural views) as well as literally thousands of home plans, often with photos attached. Look under decorating/remodeling sections. The HGTV website may be of some use to you as well. They have a pretty good and browse-able set of galleries.
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Hmm...I'm using the blue "link" button to create those links, and somehow they're adding the url of the question onto my original URL. Those websites are pretty easy to find, though. www.bhg.com and www.hgtv.com respectively.
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Modern houses. Contemporary houses. The Erwin House, Mies and Carrots, and the Austin Mod House have lots of photos of their projects.
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theantikitty, you probably deleted the http part that's already there in the text field when you use the link pop-up. If you paste www.hgtv.com into that field without the http, the resulting url would be http://ask.metafilter.com/contribute/www.hgtv.com.
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I like to gawk at houses on homeexchange.com
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone who answered.

I didn't have time to look at all the links, so I won't be marking a best answer just yet. Although I do feel honored to have mathowie answer my question.

Oh and, adamrice's flickr suggestion was so simple and very good, I hadn't thought of that. Now I've seen some of the architecture pools in there and there are tons of styles and of course browsing through the pics is very easy.
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