Where can I find an A5 binder?
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Any idea where a Yank might purchase an A5 binder? I love the A5 notebooks by Miquelrius, and am seeking a two-ring binder in which to store its pages, but can't seem to find one here in the States.
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You may want to try calling Staples: 1-800-3STAPLE. They've always been really helpful to me when I've been in search of weird office supplies.
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might check out amazon.co.uk, they do deliver. I am personally in love with Black n' Red notebooks, and I buy nearly all the ones I use in a year (around 30) from Amazon UK
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Shallowcenter, I have dozens of A5 binders and nothing to do with them in the U.S.. Message me and I'll send you one or two.
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Seems like Americans don't actually have anything resembling A5 at all. Weird.
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Endsofinvention: it's true. I love using an A5 notebook just to keep in your pocket to write things down, but here in the States? As Charles Bronson would say: "No dice".
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If you're in the U.S., you might want to check out Asian stores/bookstores. Some Asian supermarkets have a stationery section or a stationery/gift "mini-store" inside that might have A5 binders. I used to get A5 size folders in the gift store inside Yaohan supermarket in Costa Mesa (southern CA).
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I will second the Asian store recommendation. Here in Seattle there is the Kinokuniya bookstore inside Uwajimaya in the International District, and IIRC, they have A5 stuff.
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I'd hoped that Miquelrius' American presence would have binders for you, but no such luck. However, they've got a bunch of A5 notebooks, not to mention A4-A7 material, and other things.
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