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FeetFilter - Looking a great shoe insert I can put in my gym sneakers that provide anti-odor, are moisture absorbent, and provide support and cushioning. I don't want to get a cheap pair and would rather spend the money on something thats reliable and durable. Any suggestions?

I was looking at the following:
- CAPI (Cushioned Anti-Pronoation Inserts):
- ShockBlockers:
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I'm a HUGE fan of green Superfeet insoles. I'm not the only one, either. A lot of my friends automatically swap out the insoles in their shoes for the greenies. I use mine in sneakers, cycling shoes, snowboarding boots, whatever. They last forever and can be swapped between shoes easily.

They are not necessarily the most comfortable to start out with but after half an hour you'll get it. Brilliant things.
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PS I over-pronate horribly.
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Seconding Superfeet.... They last a gazillion years longer than that Dr Scholls crap because well, they are made to last. You can also buy the blue kind for more casual wear and black for dress shoes. I've never tried the black but the other two have made my casual shoes and trainers last three times as long. Not sure how much they cost in the US but here in Canada you're looking at C$35-40. I've found them in most sports stores.
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