More noise, please..
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New music needed. I've been listening to a lot of old Industrial and EBM recently, mixed with newer Electronica. I need more.

I've been in a synth mood recently. Older stuff I've been listening to includes Front 242, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, and various offshoots thereof.

Newer Electronica that's been getting heavy play includes The Knife, Goldfrapp, Fischerspooner, Ellen Allien, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Ladytron, Royksopp, and VNV Nation.

Grind-y and/or dance-y. What else might I like?
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Mindless Self Indulgence
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Apoptygma Berzerk, ohGr, Covenant, Rammstein, Funker Vogt, IAMX?
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Vitalic, Kraftwerk, Adult. (they have a new album just out), LCD Soundsystem (ditto), Mount Sims (go for his second album -- skip the first one), The Juan Maclean.
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Oh, and me. :)
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Primal Scream's album XTRMNTR is worth checking out. Duchess Says ought to fit your bill as well.
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Hanin Elias - the Future Noir album.
Collide, perhaps.
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revolting cocks
swamp terrorists
nitzer ebb
cabaret voltaire


william orbit (bassomatic and strange cargo series)
juno reactor
lcd soundsystem
two lone horsemen

you already mentioned amon tobin; Adventures in Foam is a drum and bass masterpiece. for some reason, it's listed under 'cujo', and not amon tobin.
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LCD Soundsystem
Armand Van Helden
Simian Mobile Disco (the song "Hustla" is fabulous)
Groove Armada (new album, coming out soon)
Scissor Sisters
Eric Prydz (also known as Pryda)
Benni Benassi/Benassi Brothers
Rex The Dog (and any of his remixes)

I do a dancy electronic music show for a college radio station. Feel free to browse our playlist at, I think you'd like a lot of the stuff we play.
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The above suggestions are pretty gross. Here are a few of mine:

Synthy stuff:

- Portion Control, "Filthy White Guy" - These guys were pretty influential (if obscure) in the eighties (listening to their old stuff, you can tell where Skinny Puppy got a bunch of their sound from), went on a 15-year hiatus, and came back a few years ago better than ever. Nice synth/EBM synthesis and a healthy dose of oddness. Note that by "EBM" I mean more "Front 242 in the eighties" and less Apoptygma Berzerk et al.

- Neuroactive. These guys (ok, this Finnish guy + guest vocalists) are more techno/synthpop, but it's really good synthpop with solid EBM roots. "Fiber-Optic Rhythm" and "Transients" are both excellent albums, and their more recent effort "N-Gin", while lacking the vocalist of the other two albums, is pretty good.

- Bochum Welt. Anything you can find. Seriously oldschool analogue synth action.

- Fluke, "Puppy". I know next to nothing about Fluke, but I've been enjoying this album quite a bit the last few weeks.

More IDM-y type stuff:

- Gridlock, "Further", "Trace", and "Formless": Gridlock is now (very sadly) defunct, but they were even better than Autechre in my opinion. Amazingly lush atmospherics layered over textured beats. They (believe it or not) started out with a heavily Skinny Puppy-influenced sound (which is why I'm not recommending their first album, "The Synthetic Form") but evolved rapidly into more of an IDM sound.

- Substanz T, "Electric Opium": On Hymen Records. Terrifically psychedelic downtempo triphop type stuff, with Philip K. Dick references for extra bonus points ("Substanz T" is "Substance D" in the German translation of "A Scanner Darkly". Substanz Tot!).

- Beefcake, anything: Also sadly defunct. Great atmospheres, skittery breakcore beats, all-around eclectic weirdness. Also on Hymen Records.

- Anything else on Hymen, actually. They release excellently interesting music so consistently that they ought to offer a subscription service. Check out their "Masonic" compilation, it's pretty thoroughly excellent (although it's five years old by now).

- Stendeck, anything: Bedroom electronic artist from Sweden with weepy song titles, but manages to be compelling anyways. Kind of soundtracky. Not afraid of a little distortion every once in a while, which I enjoy.

Basically if you're interested in what's happening in industrial right now, check out the "Maschinenfest" or "Saturation Bombing" festival compilations (there are several of each). These tend to be geared more towards powernoise, though, which may or may not be your thing. (Powernoise is generally industrial techno with lots of distortion, although it's more complicated than that of course. If you're interested, check out Iszoloscope, Winterkälte, Converter, or Imminent Starvation. Ant-Zen and Hands Productions are the major label players here. Ant-Zen has a bit more diversity, while Hands is a bit more hardcore.)

n5MD is another label to keep an eye on.

(On preview, lester's suggestion of Cabaret Voltaire is also spot-on, if you aren't familiar with them. I'd recommend "The Crackdown", "The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord", and "Code". Great eighties synth. The "Original Sound of Sheffield 1983-87" singles compilation is pretty good too.)
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Throbbing Gristle just released their first album in over 25 years. Mute Records will be releasing a box set of cuts from their early back catalog in May. Newer electronic stuff-wise, I'd recommend the Apparat album that's coming out, along with Black Strobe for your darker, dancier material. Check out the Ivan Smagghe Fabric mix sometime.
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I second the recommendation of Black Strobe and Vitalic.

This one
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Amon Tobin is indeed a master of the samples and beats, but you already got 'im.

I tend to be more of a poppy guy, in any genre, otherwise, so I recommend:

* Soulwax's vastly underrated "Any Minute Now", kicking major ass in an Orgy / Joy Division-y kinda way.

* Run Lola Run soundtrack

* Marilyn Manson's "Golden Age of Grotesque"
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My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.

Greatest. Kitch. Industrial. Band. EVAR.
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Everything neckro23 said.

...and what rachelpapers said if you like Disco.
posted by Jairus at 9:06 PM on April 16, 2007 you want to listen to the most recent Essential Mix.

Also you can listen to my mixes on virb:

Also, I found this blog recently and quite liked it--it had a lot of glistening, pop-y electro:
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Response by poster: Oh! empath just remeinded me of something I forgot to tack onto the question; Any recommendations for streaming audio/internet radio would of said grind-y dance-y music would be doubleplusgood.

Quick! Before it's illegal!
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Beborn Beton!
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Intermix is a pretty dark techno-ish offshoot of Front Line Assembly, but you may not know it. I really enjoyed both without knowing this until recently.
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I'm a huge, huge fan of Covenant, especially everything off of Northern Light. Not such a fan of the newer stuff. If you like the faster/harder parts of Beloved, you'll probably like Northern Light.

E Nomine is definitely different, but can be cool to listen to as something for a break.

Freezepop has got to be the best make-fun-of-everything-about-synth band ever created..

Wumpscut has some pretty tight stuff you might want to look into. Or you can get a lot of noise. I don't have any specific album suggestions.
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Celldweller (My absolute personal favorite.)
Zeromancer (Their first two albums are pretty sweet and industrial. The latest, ZZYZX, is pretty mellow).
I second Mindless Self Indulgence if you want some crazy noise. :)
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Add the songs that you like, and it will attempt to find extremely similar stuff.
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