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VOIP providers in the UK.

It's about time for another UK VOIP thread.

I am looking for a SIP (i.e. not skype) VOIP provider that is pay as you go for home use. Making local UK calls to PSTN numbers will be the main use. We have cheap international calls via the landline.

We have a SIP phone.

Vonage, who people have previously recommended, seem to be a bit unsteady at the moment regarding the prospect of continuing to trade.

So does anyone have any experience with other VOIP providers in the UK?
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Sipgate were pretty good when I was doing the VoIP thing!
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Lingo. I'm not in the UK, but I know its available there. Lingo works great for us. $20USD/month for unlimited national and international calling. Plus you can get a local # for a number of other countries so others can call you for free/cheap.
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Try Gamma telecom.
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Best answer: I've had a number on Sipgate for a while, and recently switched to Orbtalk. Both give you free incoming UK numbers and have a pay-as-you-go or pay-monthly option, and the quality is fine on both.

I switched because Orbtalk allows you to use your call credit to forward incoming calls to your mobile or another number; Sipgate doesn't allow call forwarding.
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