Looking for Discontinued Pennsylvania House Furniture
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I'm looking for pieces to a discontinued Pennsylvania House furniture bedroom set. It's from the "Studio" group of "Essentials Collection."

I bought it in 1999, and am looking for some pieces to finish off some rooms now that I bought a house. Does anyone know where I could find any of the bedroom furniture from this collection? It's a matte finish cherry wood with brushed nickel knobs and pulls. Scandinavian-inspired.

If there isn't any way to get pieces from the collection, does anyone know of anything that looks extremely similar that I could mix and match with?

Thank you!
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Have you tried ebay? You can also see if you can find some kind of furniture seller (maybe an auction house, or a business that buys estates) and have them keep an eye out for you if you assure them that you will buy what they find. One place where I used to live had a large barn of good quality furniture that I suspect was bought mainly at estate sales and as odds and ends left over from styles that didn't sell as fast as it should. (Think Big Lots of the quality furniture world.)

Good luck.

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