Determining color values
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How to determine the color value of a pixel in an image file, within Windows or on the web, without downloading a separate program?

(Can't download a separate program since I don't have admin access.) Is there a web-based tool, or something I don't know about built into Windows? Using Windows XP Pro.
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If you use Firefox, you can get an extension called ColorZilla. It uses an in-browser eyedropper tool to tell you the RGB, CMYK and HTML colour values of any colour in your browser. I've been using it for a week, and I absolutely love it.
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"Programs -> Accessories -> Paint"

There's a picker in the tool set (the eye dropper).

Once you've picked the color, go to the "Colors -> Edit Colors" menu, and click on "Define Custom Colors". The RGB and Hex values for the color you just picked will be displayed.
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You can get RGB via MS Paint, which is about as standard (and low-tech) as it gets.

1. Open your image in Paint.
2. Click on the color-picker tool (looks like an eye-dropper, third tool down on the left)
3. View - Zoom - Cusom... - 800%
4. Click on the pixel you want to ID the color of. This should now be your selected Foreground Color in the little fore/back widget bottom left of the window.
5. Colors menu - Edit Colors...
6. In the dialog that pops up, click the "Define Custom Colors" button.
7. Your current foreground color is displayed in HSL and RGB components.

Ridiculous, but it works.
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I second ColorZilla. Great not only for capturing color values from websites, you can also open your image files directly on Firefox and use the picker.
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I see your question is answered, but in case the image doesn't open in Paint, press the Print Screen button while the image is open elsewhere, then paste the image in a blank Paint window (canvas?). Then follow instructions above.
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