a good shipping agent in the UK?
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Anyone know a good shipping agent in the UK? I have a consignment of goods being sent there from Indonesia. I'm a UK resident but won't be back there until June. The goods will arrive back just before I do & I need an agent to handle all of the admin.
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Cadogan-Tate are good people. They did very well to satisfy problems caused by the stooges who handled things from Germany when I moved to the UK.
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we used pickfords to ship stuff out of the uk and their service was fine except for the time taken (which was a few weeks more than they estimated). in particular, they sub-contracted the chilean work to a company here that was very helpful and professional (exceptionally so, i think). i don't know what "shipping agent" means exactly, but i would guess that they do it (ie they're competent at managing international shipping).
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this book it has a chapter on the ins and outs, geared to shiping cars.
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