Help me find a book finder...
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Book search with price comparison.

I already know A similar website including permanent link to a specific book would be wonderful.

It should be as "neutral" as possible (that's why bookfinder was almost the perfect match for my needs).
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Best answer: is nice cause you can search (and have permanent results) by ISBN number using this format: where the Xs are the ISBN number of the book. Does that help?

Here's an example for "where the sidewalk ends":
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BookBurro is a Firefox extension that searches used books in a selected number of online locations and libraries.
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I like to use this site:

for comparing not only books but electronics, etc.
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whoa--that didn't work right.
posted by govtdrone at 5:17 AM on April 16, 2007 is one of my favorite search resources.
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My personal favorite is, the link it gives has the isbn and so I think you could return directly to it.
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2nd BookBurro. It's awesome.
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Best Book Deal has been veddy veddy good to me.
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Above link is bad. The correct links are:

For price comparisons:(like so)***Your ISBN Here***/

For book details:(like so)***Your ISBN Here***/
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If you want to link to a search, click the link labeled "How to link to this search" at the bottom of search results. You'll end up with a stable permalink, which will will retrieve all matching books, regardless of ISBN or edition, e.g. <>

If you want a permalink to a specific copy of a book, just click on the book's link, and copy the resulting URL, e.g. <>

(You may also want to check out,'s French site.)
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