Assault by Emmy
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MovieFilter: I'm sure I've seen at least one film where a character was assaulted with an Emmy award. Help me with a bet, please?

Any other film deaths/beatings/physical threats where the assailant made use of an award are welcome, too. Thanks!
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Best answer: intolerable cruelty........I think.
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Yeah, in the opening scene of Intolerable Cruelty, Geoffrey Rush's character cops the prongs of his "Daytime Television Lifetime Achievement Award" in the butt.
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Response by poster: Yup- That's the movie I was thinking of. But that can't be the only instance of Emmy abuse, can it? It has to be the single most deadly-looking award ever. I'm sure I've seen it used as a weapon in other movies/tv shows. Anyone?
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In an episode of The Critic, Tom Hanks uses his many Oscars for a variety of uses (in the parody of Cast Away) including as firewood and as food. I'm not sure whether he uses it as a weapon or not.
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There was a Mr. Show sketch where the award winner, in his excitement, hurls the Teardrop Award into the audience and impales the guy he was nominated with. Since YouTube is blocked from here, you'll have to search for it but it's out there. Search "Mr. Show" and "Teardrop Award." and you should see it.
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In last night's Sopranos Christopher clubs Tim Daley with an award trophy - I don't remember what it was. Some Hollywood writer's award, I bet,
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Interesting. I held an Emmy once and my first thought was that it would make a great weapon. It's large and heavy and pointy and blunt all at the same time, quite menacing.
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There was a Saturday Night Live sketch with Susan Lucci before she won her daytime Emmy showing people doing all sorts of things with theirs--including using them to eat corn on the cob.
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Brujita, I remember that skit, but I think that was Juliana Margolies, perhaps, but whoever it was had just won their first one.
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