Bada Bing Crosby
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Closing credit music for this evening Sopranos?

Anyone? Thanks
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look for it on in about a week.
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Thanks for asking this. I immediately hit google after hearing that song but:
Your search - "bloody chicken sound" - did not match any documents.
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I actually ran from my bedroom down to the living room where my husband was watching it as soon as I heard that music! I was kind of mesmerized by it. I looked it up on the Soprano forum at IMDB and they say it's Chicken Town by John Cooper Clarke.
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Also known as Evidently Chicken Town, if it is the song. I'm d/ling from Soulseek right now.
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Yes that's it. If you email me I' you back.
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Is this it?
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That is it, theiconoclast31.
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gracias theiconoclast31
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John Cooper Clarke is a Mancunian poet who made four albums in the early postpunk era (late 70s/early 80s), was Nico's longtime boyfriend up to her death, as well as a fellow junkie, but a brilliant, lovely and funny fellow. His albums are spotty, but quite funny. "Evidently Chickentown" is a bit of a peak, but there are a few others equally as good by him. His backing band included producer Martin Hannett (Joy Division, Buzzcocks and many others) and various people from the Buzzcocks/Blue Orchids 'scene.'

I'm a big fan, and I was delighted to see the song pop up on the Sopranos.
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I'm taking this as a sign from g-d that JCC needs to go on my MeFi swap mix. I was hedging but now I think it's clear.
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I always understood that the song was John's version of an old Army song - you can certainly find very similar lyrics that predate his recording.
One bit of unusual JCC I thoroughly recommend is his collaboration with Suns of Arqa, where he does this kind of Biblical voice-over to Wadada's mad music. Gold.
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Two videos, via Television Without Pity
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