Help Finding Slipcover for a Sectional Couch
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I am having trouble finding slipcovers for sectional couches. Does anyone have any recommendations for places I can buy them online?

We are taking delivery on a new sectional fabric couch in the middle of May and We'd like to find some casual slipcovers. We have two small dogs who we like to have access to the couch, and so we'd like to protect the couch from dirt and mud. Ideally we want something that fits the couch well, can be easily removed when we entertain or have guests over, and is machine washable.

Does anyone make such things or should I start looking for someone locally who can custom make them?
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I'm going with "look locally." Couch cushions do not come in standard sizes. Nor, for that matter, do couches, so buying prefab slipcovers in anything other granny balloon elasticaed florals is not likely to be a fruitful endeavour.

Ask on Craig's List? Slipcovering isn't cheap in my experience but it can be done reasonably.
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Best answer: Nice couch.

You could easily have individual cushion covers fitted with zippers to cover the seat cushions and back cushions. And a larger piece like this for the remainder of the couch, unless the back cushions are attached. Consider custom slipcovers if budget permits. Fitted, zipped cushion covers (like this and above link) are a worthwhile investment. Check places that make draperies and other soft furnishings. Make sure to choose a fabric that is going to withstand repeated washings. Cotton duck, canvas, or denim or good choices. Also your seamstress should know to prewash fabric befrore sewing, to prevent shrinkage.

Two of these type of slipcovers might work if you fiddled with it. You could fold and tuck the excess between the sections or cut to fit. It could probably work. You basically have two sofas, you'll have to figure out what to do with the arm pieces of the slipcovers in the center. I've found that these type of slipcovers can look tailored and attractive if installed correctly. Surefit gives great tips on installation.

Don't forget about scotchguarding the fabric of your uncovered couch if it's safe to do.
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Best answer: Forgot to mention that there are places online to order custom slipcovers. I've never used these services, but they may be less expensive than local.
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another online source:
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Response by poster: I live in rural Vermont, and I have identified two women who apparently do such things out of their homes. My guess is they will be less expensive than online custom places, especially if I buy the fabric myself (in tax-free New Hampshire), but I still want to look at online place for comparison purposes, so keep the suggestions coming, please.

Thanks for the tips!
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