Help me figure out what I drank and where to get more!
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ObscureBoozeFilter: I was in SF with some friends and we did shots of (what I think) was called Stella. Now I can't find it...

It was a night of heavy drinking, so there's no surprise that I am a bit hazy on what we drank. If I do remember correctly, however, it was a cranberry (?) flavored tequila but was incredibly smooth going down.

It may not be what I remember it being, but it was a very deep red color, tasted of berry, and was tequila. I think it came in a bottle that looked similar to a wine bottle that may or may not have been red also. Oh, and it was expensive.

Does anybody know what this is and where I can find it? I have tried all of the usual search engines, including Amazon and BevMo, and I can't find anything that is even close to it.
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PAMA pomegranate liqueur just launched in major markets, could it be that?

Stella is a well-known brand of Belgian beer, I wouldn't think it was call that.
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Tukys? (Warning: background audio. Guess which song?) The watermelon flavor is deep red, and it's tequila. Doesn't really fit your other criteria, though.

Or maybe Baja Del Rio?
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Other flavored tequilas from that site.
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You sure it was tequila? This cranberry liqueur is yummy and comes in a wine-like bottle.
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I don't know, but you would probably be interested in this:
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Did you get it at a bar or did you buy it at a liquor store? Did you get in touch with the bartender/liquor store owner and ask?
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