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I am in search of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt for a little boy who is turning four.

The kid is obsessed with those turtles, and really wants a TMNT t-shirt. His birthday is coming up next week and it would be fun to get him one and be the hero-aunt. However, I can't find a TMNT t-shirt in his size (4T or a kids' size small) anywhere; they seem to be available only in adult sizes. I thought the TMNT were pretty popular among kids his age, though, so I suspect that the shirt I'm looking for exists and I've just been missing it. Anyone seen one available recently? I would prefer not to order it online, but I have easy access to many chain stores.
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If you can't find them they're probably just sold out. Shop around early Sunday when a lot of places will have restocked. You're looking in toy stores, right?
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Another option is to get pajamas if you can't find a shirt anywhere. Those seem to be dominated by licensed characters.
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Try Target. There is a movie out right now, no? There should be shirts everywhere.
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Hot Topic may have some. They definitely sell more TMNT merchandise than is on their website. I was in one of their stores on Tuesday and they had an assortment of shirts. As they sell baby and toddler clothes, might be worth checking out. I can't tell you specifically if they stocked any, since I was only browsing at adult sizes.
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Will this work? It's a "boys" t-shirt but a bit large. This seems to be a custom t-shirt-maker. Perhaps they could make one in the size you need. I'm a big TMNT fan from way back. Just might buy one myself. ;o)
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And here is one more that just might be the right size. A youth small would probably do it. They're out of stock, but you could inquire about when more will be in. And you can buy a youth medium right now.
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Last ditch option (which I had to use when my boys INSISTED on having Dora shirts which weren't pink or frilly- non-existent - and this was before Diego). Download/scan, print on to iron on t-shirt transfer (available at office supply store), and transfer on to white shirt (avoid coloured shirts, they definitely look odd). It's your call if this infringes on your interpretation/feelings about copyright.
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You are all working too hard.


The only thing my daughter wanted for Christmas was a shirt with the Wiggles on it, and this is how we did it.
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Hot Topic. Looks like there are several in NJ.

Store locator is a bit tough to find. It is all the way at the bottom, right above the copyright.
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If all else fails, maybe try a printer and an iron-on transfer?
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Did you find your TMNT shirt?
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Response by poster: Nope. I had already checked Hot Topic and Target, as well as various other stores. The pajamas are a good idea... But he's already got them. Ebay and back-ordering would take too long, and I don't want to go the iron-on transfer route. But thanks for your suggestions (except caddis, who doesn't seem to have actually read my original post).
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