Things to do in Albany New York
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Things To Do in Albany, New York during a weekend.

We will be in Albany, New York for a weekend.
We're both new to the place and couldn't find too much insider's info on the net... or maybe too much of it...

I would like to hear real person's advice.

For Friday night, Saturday... Where should we go for romantic dates..... Relaxing .. and great views are welcome. Unique or great food is good too...

Any UNIQUE surprises are welcome also.l..

Thanks in advance.
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Response by poster: Actually detailed course starting from Friday night through Saturday night will be great.... Any suggestions welcome...

p.s. Don't want do too much of tourist thing though...
Looking for a romantic weekend...
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I am from Albany, and I go back periodically, so take this advice for what it is worth.

Well, if you like beers, Mahar's on Madison has great selections. Ditto McGeary's downtown.

As for great restaurants, there are few... the good ones I can think of of the top of my head are Jack's Oyster House and Lombardo's, and both of those will run you some cash. They are also downtown. Shalimar is good Indian on Central ave, but not the best neighborhood ever-- so go for lunch. The Gingerman is also a nice place to go.

The hip part of town is Lark Street. You will find come cute shops and bars there, but it is not very long at all, and also abuts a not-so-great part of town.

The albany Museum of History and Art is quite nice, but I do not recommend the NYS Museum, as that is a huge snore. Well, it was last time I was there, 5 years ago.

There might be a show at the Egg you might like, or Capital Rep. Possibly somethign at the Palace.

Where are you staying? If you will have a car, there are more options.
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Oh! And My Linh is also a good place to eat. This is near the Bagel Bite. The arty movie house is the Spectrum, and this is also in the same area (Deleware Avenue). But like I said, more info on your car situation and where you will be staying would be good.
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Response by poster: I will probably stay near the university... and rent a car
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Response by poster: Are there any cocktail place with great views like the river or cityscape? Someplace where we can comfortably seat and converse....
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I miss Bombers, although I'm not sure it classifies as romantic...
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Is the Indonesian restaurant still there? I went there fourteen years ago and was able to order a rijstafflel for one.
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Drive 30 minutes north and stay in Saratoga Springs NY. Albany doesn't have much to offer romantic weekend wise, in my opinion, no good river or city views.
Stay at The Inn at Saratoga or the Gideon Putnam, I'm not sure if the Adelphi is open year round. Plenty of good restaurants and entertainment, nice downtown area. If it's nice out there are lovely parks to walk in, something always going on there.
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