I'm looking for a recommendation for newsletter content brokers.
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I'm looking for a recommendation for newsletter content brokers. I've found a few, but their offerings seem a bit on the weak side. Has anybody worked with any that have high value content available? Bonus points if that content skews towards Human Resources/Staffing/Management.
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willnot -- probably people here aren't right away familiar with what you're asking for. Can you describe what they do and perhaps we can point you in a general direction?
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Well, my question is probably too esoteric, but basically here is more detail about what I'm looking for. We have a newsletter we send out to clients and prospects. The newsletter has stories that are relevant to our clients and prospects.

But, we don't really have time to research and write stories since it's a tertiary function of our department. We can only manage to come up with stories every other month, and even with that its a struggle. We'd rather be monthly, and we'd like to be able to deliver even more valuable and researched/relevant stories.

There are services on the web were you can buy stories for your newsletter, and even services where you can just take stories so long as you provide attribution. This would get us out of the news creation business, and let us focus on our primary roll. But, most of the stuff I've come across isn't something I'd want to send out to our recipients, so I'm hoping somebody has worked with a service like this that has better, more valuable/timely/interesting stories that we can use to supplement our content.
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