What movie is this shot from?
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What movie is depicted in this picture on IBM's home page?

It looks like Gary Cooper there, but I don't recognize anyone else, and who's the dame?
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She looks like a young Lauren Bacall to me, but I could be mistaken.
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I want to say it's a preston sturges flickr but I am not sure...
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That is Lauren Bacall, and the man is Robert Ryan. Unless I'm mistaken, they never appeared in a movie together, so that photo is a composite. She is very young there, and in that actual still she's looking at Humphrey Bogart, not Robert Ryan.
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The IMDb confirms that Ryan and Bacall never worked together. I think iconomy is right, both in that the man looks like Robert Ryan and that the photo is a composite.
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I wonder. It does look a lot like Lauren Bacall, but somehow I don't think it's her. For one thing, Bacall is pretty tall, that woman looks not so tall. Bacall also has sharper-edged features, IMO.

I'm wondering if it might be Veronica Lake. Possible movie: The Blue Dahlia, with Alan Ladd. Never seen it, just a stab in the dark.
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It looks like a young Lauren Bacall to me, as well.
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It's a still from the 1952 Nick Ray movie, On Dangerous Ground.
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[And to answer the second question, the woman is Cleo Moore].
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Never heard of her. Did you recognize the scene, hydatius?
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Yeah. I had to use IMDb to dig out her name though. It's a very good film, but I hadn't seen it for a long while.
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Well done. Thanks, kids.
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Here's a still of Cleo Moore in On Dangerous Ground; same blouse and haircut. Another still, of Robert Ryan.
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Wow. Score one for hydatius.
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Score two for hydatius. Total coolness. Even my mom, the undisputed queen of 40s and 50s movies trivia, has never heard of Cleo Moore.

And I was positive that I actually owned a photograph of Lauren Bacall wearing that sweater.
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My favorite Robert Ryan movie is Bad Day at Black Rock. It's got an unbelievable cast with Spencer Tracy, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Walter Brennan, Dean Jagger and Arlene Francis. It was nominated for three Oscars, I just noticed.
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