Which flash-based, non-iPod audio players have the lowest self-noise (lowest noise floor)?
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Which Flash-based, non-iPod audio players have the lowest levels of self-noise (lowest noise floors)?

My mp3 player is good but old, so despite being very well-engineered in other ways it has self-noise that can still be detected over quiet or non-continuous music. Please suggest a replacement with unusually low self-noise if you know what I'm talking about.

I've read that the Archos hard drive-based players have extremely low noise floors (see the last graph on this page), but I'm looking for a light/Flash device.

Numbers like that would be great and subjective reports would also be great (like, "Of all the players I've tried, x is lowest").

(As I said, I'm asking for non-iPod products only. I'm firm on this and the reasons why are not the topic of this thread, so please respect this, thanks!)
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(Clarifying... I know noise floor depends on build quality rather than age; what I meant is I'm hoping more attention is now being paid to this issue in current high-end players, than was being paid when by player was designed.)
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I can only speak for my player, it's a hard-drive unit by Cowon called iAudio X5. It has no detectable noise, in my experience, and sound output quality is excellent. I would recommend a Cowon product, if you can't get any other recommendations, although obviously their flash player may not be as high quality as the HD-based one.
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My (hard-drive-based) iRiver is the quietest mp3 player I've ever owned (among iPods, an Archos and a Rio). It seems like Cowon and iRiver get most of the non-iPod-mp3-player audiophile love these days.
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Ditto knave's recommendation and caveat.
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Thanks! I agree "Flash-based" and "excellent build quality" don't often intersect. I've heard iRiver and Cowon praised in a lot of places; thanks for the comments about them. (Does anyone have any experience with the other player I've heard is unusually high build quality, the mobiBlu cube?)
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