What does this symbol mean?
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Picture this: three squares arranged in a triangular formation... one on top, two on the bottom. Does it have any symbolic meaning? Is it a company logo?

I ask this because I'm getting a tattoo saturday that means something to me but before I do, I want to make sure it doesn't also have some negative meaning to other people... like some symbol for being a nazi, or even the corporate logo for some strange company... because that would suck.
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Depending on the orientatino of the squares, it might resemble the Mitsubishi logo.
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Motion Graphics studio Shilo has a pretty similar logo.
Full disclaimer, I freelance for them.
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something like this is what i had in mind... im gonna play around with the design a but this is the general layout...
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doh, Here is the pic
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It's a word in Japanese (and probably Chinese).
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Yes, this is the logo for a company. I went cross country skiing this winter and I recall seeing it on the skis. I can't find the name.

However, don't be discouraged because this is such a malleable symbol that you're basically appropriating it for personal meaning. It's like getting a tattoo of a circle or a square.
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I wouldn't get discouraged by stuff that is already in use for something else. Nobody has your tattoo with your meaning. You are making it your own. Happy inking!

(but always a good idea to do your "market research")
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I think Quadog is thinking of Fischer skis - it was my first thought too... then I googled it
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thanks everyone... im not too worried about some company having something like to for their logo... i was more worried about it being associated with some awful organization or hate group.
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It's a nice symbol btw. I'm not a huge fan of tattoos but I like odd, enigmatic things like that. But I think the risk of it appearing so 'symbolic' (almost like a brand) is that people might mistake it for a mark of membership in some sort of clan or organization...
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It's also the set of contraction mappings that make up the IFS leading to the Sierpinski Gasket. I just taught that in my college geometry class and now I get to tell my class someone is getting it in tattoo form. Awesome.
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It's probably this character:
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The character in Chinese is pĭn 品,which has positive associations; in the human context it appears in words related to taste, morality and character. I'd say no worries on that score.
To me it also sounds reminiscent of some of the eternity knots you see in Tibetan iconography, and that's no bad thing either.
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To me, it says "org chart".
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