What's this string music I always hear in movie trailers?
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Please identify this string music that I keep hearing in movies and movie trailers. Most recently, it's over the trailer to the upcoming film Sunshine. I know I've heard it before a bunch of times.
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Lord of the Rings soundtrack?
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Mozart's Lux Aerturnum. Requiem for Dream used it, Lord of the Rings used it.
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Macadamiaranch has it; I'm pretty sure you're hearing Clint Mansell's version, originally used in Requiem for a Dream.
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Wait -- it's actually not Mozart's version; it's Clint Mansell of Kronos Quartet.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks hive mind!
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Paul Oakenfold does a particularly neat version of it...Zoo York.
It was also used in a kid's movie last year...I think it was about dinosaurs or something.

That piece is awesome, but sooo entirely overplayed as movie theme music. Don't these people who select this stuff watch any other movies!?!?! Or are they specifically trying to be unoriginal?
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I think a lot of trailers come out before the actual music for the movie is finished. They need some sort of filler to play in the trailer, so they pick something nice and cheap. (Mozart is out of copyright)
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A lot of the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack riffs on this theme. You might also want to listen to "Hope Overture" (also by Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet on the Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack.)
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(Mozart is out of copyright)

Though this has nothing to do with Mozart, and everything to do with Clint Mansell.
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I've noticed a few movie trailers that have used fairly recent rock music, whereas the actual film score contains only orchestral music. I guess it goes along with editing the trailer to give the best possible impact in a short space of time, and music that you're familiar with is more likely to make you like the trailer.
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As someone who worships at the teat of the Requiem, that piece of music is meaningless. I suspect this Mansell character of being a fraud and possibly a thief.
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The version used on the Sunshine trailer/Lord of the Rings is a redone version and is much longer than the track from the Requiem for a Dream version - It is 'Requiem for a Tower' and you can find the whole thing here
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If you like the track, you may also like Mansell's soundtrack to The Fountain, which also features Kronos Quartet (and Mogwai). It's delicious.
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Clint Mansell of Kronos Quartet

Oh, and Clint Mansell is NOT of Kronos Quartet. Clint Mansell wrote the score and Kronos Quartet (David Harrington, John Sherba, Hank Dutt, Joan Jeanrenaud) played it with him.
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Mansell was of Pop Will Eat Itself.
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If you're interested in this or other recent soundtrack cuts, all the Requiem for a Tower tracks were gathered together along w/ some others in a compilation album.

Besides CD, it's also available via eMusic or iTunes I believe.
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Thank you Dobbs- I was about to make the same point.
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The imdb entry for Sunshine includes it in the FAQ:

Requiem for a Tower, by the Corner Stone Cues, which is an arrangement of Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.
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Crazy. I was just talking about this last night. They used the song over the "next week on Lost" bit. My girlfriend's uncle is in Kronos Quartet, so she notices every time it gets ripped off. Apparently, TV execs also think "Mozart is out of copyright", and is fair game.
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