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What is nomoreparents-dot-com? Probably something viralesque, like the last time a site like this showed up on Ask MeFi?

I know this will seem suspicious since I've never posted a question, but I found this site through Asher Sarlin's new blog, No More Parents (unrelated). I have nothing to do with the site, but suspect this may be viral advertising. The optimist in me hopes it may be an ARG rabbit hole, or something?

The domain is registered through DomainsByProxy

A full listing of the random(?) images that flash on the main page can be found in the /flares directory.

The source reveals strange text about solar flares, and links to sites about killing children/infanticide?
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nomoreparents.com is the only site hosted on that IP address, but if you check the next one over you find the site of Omnibus which seems like the kind of company to plant a viral ad.
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Response by poster: Good find, Rhomboid, although I'm not entirely convinced: Omnibus seems to specialize in surveys, media, and face-to-face PR stuff.
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I would guess it's a viral for a zombie movie. Parents are affected by solar flares, kids are left to fend for themselves against their former protectors.

That's just guessing though, based on nothing more than really liking zombie movies.

From the source code...

<!--the phone's dead the power's out I don't know if we should just sit herehttp://messybeast.com/kill_kit.htm -->

<meta NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="victor and I are going to stay here until the police come or the fire department or till the fuckinghttp://www.ratbehavior.org/infanticide.htmneighbors put their brains back in">

<meta NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="they're backhttp://www.bridgeman.co.uk/search/view_image2.asp?image_id=188647 inside">

wake me up when you get home? I heard the solar flares are going to be great tonight_

<!--http://www.pomc.org/ -->

<!--you told me mom andhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filicide dad ran away-->
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Response by poster: *nod*
The bridgeman link should be:
(more filicide/infanticide)
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I saw an advert on tv last night for a movie where every child on Earth is in a coma. The last line goes, "They all wake up and the world ends". I can't remember the name of the movie, but it sounds like that may be the source.
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Oops...my mistake.
The advert was on scifi.com for The Plague.

I doubt James van der Beek rates an intricate viral.
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Well you've officially made me late for work. The source says "Spring 2007" but I checked all of the upcoming releases and there's nothing that even comes close to fitting this description. What are the odds that it's a twisted viral for a family amusement park?
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Could it be Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood starring C. Thomas Howell? It's coming out this year, supposedly.
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No, forget it. It has the solar flares, but adults are still alive in it.
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I know this will seem suspicious since I've never posted a question,

My first impression was that you were trying to point people to an arg made by you or a friend since you typically post and discuss this sort of thing on unfiction. I don't mean to derail, and this probably should go on meta, but could you weigh in on why you posted here instead of there?
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Response by poster: birdlady: I haven't been on unfiction for a year or so, and was just reading the other "Creepy site advertising" mefi post the other day. My first thought was to post here, since I read mefi so much more often than uf these days... but you're probably right, I'll post it on uf too. (Posted here)

I can say definitively that I have nothing to do with, nor do I know anyone who has anyone to do with, this site, I just found it through Asher Sarlin, one of my favorite web cartoonists (META: my roommate and I won his "Best Contest Ever") I've actually been a part-time PM for a few ARG's in the past, and shilling your own game is considered the lowest of the low. But thanks for your suspicion! Let the discussion continue?
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Didn't mean to put you on the defensive, but having seen arg shilling in the past combined with the recent sign up and lack of posting history, you can understand the lingering question mark. If you've experienced shilling in the past, you possibly would have wondered the same. I wasn't suggesting that you also post it there or that it shouldn't be posted here. It was just a simple question that I would have otherwise emailed, but you don't have any contact info in your profile (not that there is anything wrong with that).
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Wow, people lost interest fast with this one...
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Yep, I was hoping someone might unravel the mystery.
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