Can anyone recommend a better alternative to Windows Task Manager?
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Can anyone recommend a better alternative to Windows Task Manager?

One particular bit of functionality I'd like is to see the full paths to the exectuables under "processes" as well as when the process was launched, and if/when possible, some sort of view of which processes launched which other processes.
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fyi, i just had a look and ps on cygwin only shows cygwin related processes.
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Process Explorer does exactly what you're looking for and it's totally free. Another nice feature is being able to list open files, so you find yourself unable to delete or move certain files, it'll tell you what has it open.
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If you're using Windows 9x/ME, try Another Task Manager, which has no equal. If you aren't, I'm sorry, I have nothing to recommend; this ps clone looks like it might be promising.
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I just installed Process Explorer. It is, as they say, teh rock.
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Response by poster: wow! thank you zsazsa, Process Explorer is perfect. Furthermore, the first line in it's description is another piece of functionality I've been dying to have.:
Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open?
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ps on Cygwin can show windows processes:
ps -Was
or something like that (haven't got Cygwin on this PC)
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