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We have all seen the test for color-blindness that hides numerals in a pebbled background. Anyone ever seen a font that would mimic this and allow me to type out a sentence in this pebbled pattern?
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Fonts are shapes, not colors, so a font alone wouldn't do it. There may be a tool that would create the image you seek, though.
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Lucas De Groot's first font face Nebulae is a close approximation.

You can put different weights on top of each other in different colors, as shown here (click on the PDF).

Make sure to generate a 100+ pt sample at the fontshop url, that's a good way to get a whiff of it.

But to find a background for it, that would be another thing entirely. I don't know that Nebulae has a generic "background" character available.
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I would create patterns in illustrator with the two colours sets, type my word and fill with the red /orange pattern, create a background area and fill with the green pattern. I think though, that you would have your dots cut at the font line.
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To expand on b33j's suggestion, if you had the pattern of dots, you could pick a font and type out your sentence as another layer (in photoshop or similar application) and use the fill tool to manually change the color of the dots the text covers.

This would avoid the problem of having partially-filled dots, but is a little more work.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. Those are great suggestions.
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Why would you do that? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME?
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