What in the world is this pin?
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SHCM... Servant's Heart Camp Ministries? Or something different?

I received a lapel pin today about 1" in diameter. On it was an image of a flower, with the letters "SHCM." Can anyone tell me what this means or what it is from?

The only information I can find online is from the Servant's Heart Camp Ministries, but I cannot find anything on their website referencing this item. Can someone with experience or knowledge of this item tell me what it is?
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You apparently receive a lapel pin when you earn Specialist in Housing Credit Management certification, but that seems even less likely if you haven't been doing, well, that. No word on the imagery either.
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I'd guess "Sacred Heart Catholic somethingsomething," but I can't find any backup for this.
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there's also some sort of navy designation.
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I received a lapel pin today...

Can you tell us more about the circumstances under which you received the pin? For instance, if it was a gift, where did the gift-giver get it (antique shop, estate sale, etc.)?... More info might help narrow down the possibilities.
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