Public Education in Memphis, Tn
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My family and I will be moving to mid-town Memphis this summer. I originally thought private education was the only way to go in Memphis but after doing my research I am finding out that there are some public schools where academics are challenging and they offer more extracurricular activities than the private schools. I am leaning towards White Station high school and Snowden for elementary school. Appreciate any help.
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Both are good choices and generally considered some of the best. Snowden should be doable for midtown, but you'll be more likely to get into White Station if you live out there (East Memphis isn't midtown by a longshot). I have also heard very good things about downtown elementary, but I really know anyone who personally sends their kids there. The University of Memphis also runs an elementary school that is much-loved by some colleagues, but you'll have to live very close to campus to have much of a shot of getting in.

That said, I know some of the worst-regarded schools still have their bright spots. There are some outstanding students that come out of Central and East High Schools.
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(apoligizing in advance for the derail.) I just noticed your previous question about Memphis hospitals --- I have a close family member who works at a Memphis hospital, and could be very helpful to you, if you still need advice.

You don't have an e-mail address in your profile, so I couldn't e-mail you directly.
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oh yeah, my e-mail is in my profile.
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White Station offers exceptional academics as does Central High School which is better situated for a Midtown location. Ridgeway (East Memphis) offers less challenging -- but still very good academics. Best bet for rigorous academics is White Station by far. Campus School mentioned earlier is grades 1-6 only. Also check out Grahamwood for elementary. Excellent.
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My two boys will finish up Campus School this year--it's the most wonderful school--and will be moving to middle school for next year. We've been obsessing about schools for a few years. White Station has both an optional program and a regular program. We have been told that if you move into the district, then your child will go into the regular program, which is not nearly as good as the optional program. However, both programs have a LOT of homework, and my two dyslexic boys have trouble with homework. It looks like one will go to White Station and one will go to a county school. My email is in my profile. It's a very difficult decision.
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