Young adult story about a turkey call?
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What young adult novel am I trying to remember about a friendship between and old man and a young boy which involved fishing (I think) and turkey hunting (definitely)?

When I was in about fourth or fifth grade a teacher read our class a book that I remember as being fantastic. I remember for sure that it involved a relationship between a young boy and an old man (possibly a grandfather).

I think the story included them fishing together, possibly in a joint quest for the uncatchable big fish that lived in the nearby pond.

I am certain that the story included bird hunting of some sort (possibly turkeys) and the creation of an incredibly good bird call for use in the hunt.

It was not Danny, Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
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Was it possibly Juliana and the Medicine Fish?

(i know that it doesn't quite jibe with your recollection, but sometimes memories can change)
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Best answer: Probably Robert Ruark's The Old Man and the Boy. Google Books has more.
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Whoa -- my first thought was the "Danny" book. Wish I could help.
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Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl?
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I think mediareport has it.
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Oops...just read the full original post. Sorry for stating what was obviously mentioned. *embarassed*
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