Please help me find David Wrench
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David Wrench is a 7' Albino Welshman of Viking descent. He's also an amazing pop-artist. His tracks are not available at any site I can find online, his album is not for sale. Where can I find three of his tracks?

I'm looking specifically for "WWIV," "Do It To You Wrong," and "Superhorny."
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Atomic World of Tomorrow which contains "Superhorny" and "WWIV" is available from Amazon UK.
This site has a few downloads including "Do it to You Wrong" but I'm not sure I trust it.
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Wow that site is a nebulous, virus-filled void. I would not advise anyone else visit it. The mp3 from the site doesn't do anything, but I'm on a mac, so hopefully it won't give my computer a virus.
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Hype Machine has some of 'em.
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Hype Machine has NONE OF THEM. The links are all dead. They lead back to his webpage which was cancelled forever.
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Dang! That's sad.
Okay, well at least here's WWIV.
posted by zusty at 8:34 PM on April 11, 2007 has a copy for 5 pounds plus shipping.
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The wayback machine has three wma files archived from May '06 here - one is Superhorny. The page says they're excerpts only, though... not sure how long the full version would be. (wma track is 2:19) Also, while it doesn't feature the three tracks you listed, emusic does have a single album, Blow Winds Blow.
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Yeah, Blow Winds Blow is a terrible album.
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