Favourites photography discussion forums?
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Photography discussion forums. I'm sure there's thousands, but do you have any favourites? (More inside)

Nice old fashioned email based ones? UK based? Digital only? No advertising? Friendly? etc etc
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Not email-based, but manages to be a fairly high-traffic forum without being drowned out by noise. So far, that is.

There's a digital bias on there (and among gearheads and buyers/sellers, a Canon one) but that doesn't get in the way of discussions. Mostly Americans but a fair number of Europeans, Aussies, and some from various Asian countries as well.
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Not really discussion, but for sharing of photographs, Photographica.
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Both Digital Photography Review and Imaging Resource are excellent digital photography sites that have active forums.
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A few suggestions came up the last time this question was asked, some of which haven't yet been mentioned.
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