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I have two iPods - a 60 GB for general use and a shuffle for exercise. I want to create playlists that delete songs I skip on the shuffle, but not songs I skip from the 60 or in iTunes.

I just got the shuffle recently and am still crafting a master playlist for it. So I put a lot of stuff on there, but since 1) I have more music than I have time to listen to and 2) there's no screen on the shuffle to tell me what I'm listening to, songs I've skipped are often the only way to know what I want to delete. But my "Recently skipped" list is cross-pollinated by iTunes and the 60. I can't find anything in the Smart Playlist menus to indicate the source player that skipped a given track. What can I do?
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the new itunes does have some hidden support for managing multiple libraries... you could make an empty library, make your "recently skipped" smart playlist in that library, plugin your shuffle, delete them, then relaunch, choose your original library and go from there.
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I don't know how you have your Shuffle set up, but I assume it only syncs certain playlists. I would make a smart playlist that is equivalent to what currently gets synced to the shuffle. Then I would make a smart playlist that includes every song from the first playlist unless it is also in the Recently Skipped playlist. Finally, set your Shuffle to sync from this new smart playlist.
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stopgap: the problem is the Recently Skipped playlist includes songs skipped in iTunes and on the 60 gig; andifsohow only wants to remove songs that were skipped on the shuffle.
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