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Recommendations (and links) for awesome winter clothing and gadgets, especially for living somewhere very cold most of the time?

Pretend you are Q, and I am Bond, ewkpates Bond.
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I live in a place with cold, windy winters and I spend lots of time standing outside waiting for buses. I find that if my hands and are warm, I can handle almost any amount of cold. If my hands are cold, I am miserable. So these hand warmer things are awesome. I first used them in marching band in high school during those endless November football games. I'm not endorsing that particular brand, I got a big bag of another brand for cheap on clearance at a sporting goods store. They make them to go in your shoes, too, if your toesies are cold.
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I find a good pair of wraparound sunglasses to be more useful in the winter than the summer.

The winter light is very white and reflects from everywhere. Also wraparounds keep the cold breezes from freezing your eyeballs.
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especially for living somewhere very cold most of the time?

The you must look to Canada, Mr. Bond, where one of the most respected suppliers of cold weather gear is Mountain Equipment Co-op
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Silk sock liners and a neoprene face mask. Seconding hand warmers, especially if you'll be doing things that require you to occassionally take your hands out of your gloves.
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For winter clothing, nothing beats the combination of an over-sized naval p-coat, and a hooded sweatshirt.

Also a wool hat.

Plus no one will know you're a spy.
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One question: will these winters be cold and wet, cold and dry, or a mixture of the two? If there is any significant chance of rain, you will want a decent breathable shell to wear over your thermal layers. Down, in particular, suffers from exposure to moisture.
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Basics of winter clothing (not gadgetry): scarf or othe neck covering is required. Hat is required, preferably wool with fleece liner. Ear coverings (earflap hat ok) or full face mask if severe cold/wind. Mittens are much better insulators than gloves. Thrummed mitts (page loads slowly but has instructions for making the mitts) are so warm that your hands will sweat. Silk/wool long underwear is awesome and very lightweight. Smartwool is a company that makes great wool socks - for winter, wool socks are the only kind of socks.
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The ultimate in Canadian prairie winter technology is the garbage mitt. It's a cowhide mitten worn over a wool mitten. It's much better than any thinsulate-gortex thingy when you get down to -50 or so.
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You can get strap-on grippy spikes for your boots, for walking in icy city conditions - here's one example (scroll down to "get a grip").

The more extreme-condition version would be mountain-climbing crampons, or snowshoes. Cross-country skis are a great way to get around under some conditions.

Also, clothing for more extreme polar conditions:
- Brief UK page on Antactic clothing
- Extensive Australian government page on Antartic clothing
- Inuit clothing, and more Inuit clothing, and a nice article about various Inuit warming technologies
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Windproof pants. I’m a native Montrealer and only need to wear mine a couple of times a year, but when I do I’m truly grateful for them.
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drezdn - it's a pea coat, 'cuz you wear it when the fog is like pea soup.

Which is not the real story, but it sounds good, and that's what they taught us in the Navy.
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How about winter clothing that allows you to handle your gadgets!
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Recommendations (and links) for awesome winter clothing and gadgets, especially for living somewhere very cold most of the time?

I live in NYC and can't stand the cold in the winter.
This thing will fix you up:
Extreme Cold Weather Parka

Don't get a replica. Try to get the real deal. If in good shape then a used one can go for 200 US$.

Ebay has one for sale.

Feeling cold will be history...
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