What fonts were used in the poster for the movie Full Metal Jacket?
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Anyone happen to know what fonts were used in the poster for the movie Full Metal Jacket?
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The baby jesus can also click through directly to the page.
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Top part looks like Arial Black, although the stroke isn't quite wide enough for that. I'd be willing to bet the title words are a custom job.
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Definitely not Arial Black. Looks like ITC Eras Ultra for the top part, Univers for Stanley Kubrick.

I'm stumped on the movie title, which is probably the part you really want.
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The font at the top looks like one of the heavier versions of Frutiger I have no idea what the title text is though, it could be custom like cosmicbandito suggests.
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On postview, ITC Eras Ultra looks like a better fit, bah.
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I'm hoping that the title itself is a normal font as well, but I'm not feeling encouraged... good spot on the ITC Eras Ultra, though, thanks!
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I can't remember where I read this now, but apparently Kubrick was such a perfectionist that he even selected the fonts that would be used on the posters. Someone was going through his archives and found references on thousands of fonts, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was something very obscure.
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You might try Identifont.
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There's a short mention on Kubrick's like for Futura Extra Bold in this article.
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I almost always mention the typophile forums for this sort of thing. Type geeks are an obsessive and knowledgeable bunch.

I think the movie title is a typeface, not hand/custom lettering.
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WhatTheFont can sometimes be useful in these matters. Sometimes.
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It's hard to tell for sure, but are the two T's in the movie title different? The second looks like it might have a longer right side.

Differences in the same letter are an indication of hand lettering.
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The last "L" in Full and Metal also appear be different. I'm a vote for hand lettering.

I have the soundtrack and upon looking at that, it reinforces my opinion. On the soundtrack's cover it is all on one line and looks like a manual cut and paste job.
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Eras and Univers (at a glance). “Full Metal Jacket" looks handlettered.
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