What logos sport crowns?
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Besides Husqvarna and Hallmark, I'm wondering what other logos out there currently sport crowns? I googled, but came up with random results for folks selling tiaras.
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Rolex. Are you looking to "borrow" an idea?
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Levis has an inverted crown, don't know if that counts. And Levis is an anagram for Elvis. I know I've seen a few more real crown logos, I'll try to track them down for you.
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Crown Theaters. Also, RC Cola, though they haven't used a crown logo for a while.
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Crown Royal (crownroyal.com)
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There's QFC, which is a chain of supermarkets. And I'm pretty sure the thing on the Best Western hotel chain's logo is a crown.
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Response by poster: I am working on an identity for a company currently seeking angel funding... and need to see how other companies handle crowns — a probable part of this company's identity going forward.
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Crown Audio, Iron Crown Enterprises, the city of Charlotte, NC, Crown Cabinets, the L.A. Kings, the Sacramento Kings (well, kinda), Best Western (albeit stylized -- their old logo was much more crown-like), Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Crown Mortgage Company, et cetera, et cetera...
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Also Royal Jordanian Airlines and Royal Group Technologies...
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Crown National
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Saab, Pininfarina, and Alfa Romeo.
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Crown Office Chambers (London, UK based barristers. Think trial lawyers.)
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Crown Holdings, originally known as Crown Cork & Seal.
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KLM has a dorky-looking crown.
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These Google Images may interest you.
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The English Premier League.
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Columbia University and Crown Audio.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone ... JNCO is the kind of treatment I was looking for (thanks Kindall!), and azul's brilliant Google Image Search was most helpful — I never use the image search, so it never occured to me!

: )
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