Cool Bluetooth Usage?
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Cool uses for Bluetooth? My new computer has bluetooth. What cool things are you using Bluetooth for?
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To transfer pictures/phonebook data to and from my cell phone, and um, that's about it. There really aren't that many Bluetooth gadgets available for PCs, most of the applications are mobile-device based.
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if you have a mac and a bluetooth enabled phone, bluephoneelite is pretty awesome -- send sms through your computer, have itunes etc pause when your phone rings, flash up the photo of whoever is calling, etc.
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I second BluePhone Elite for OS X. It can perform actions (via applescripts) when Bluetooth events are detected.

What does that mean? When you walk through the door, the music can kick in. When you leave, it'll turn itself off. (In addition to modernnomad's description.) Perhaps a PC equivalent exists as well.
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You can have windows log on when you get near the computer, and lock your computer when you leave. Saves typing of password.
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If you want to experiment with electronics you could get an BlueTooth Arduino , or a regular Arduino paired with serial this bluetooth module.
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Can you use Bluephone Elite with a headset? So, the Mac pauses iTunes, then I reach up and answer with the headset?
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Hmm, intriguing question - I think it would depend what kind of headset we're talking about. Is the headset a bluetooth headset that could pair with the Mac OR the cellphone? (If so, I'm not sure the Mac could handle being paired with both the cellphone and your headset simultaneously and pass communications smoothly between the two.) Or is the headset some other wired variety that's used for which case I believe Bluephone will allow you to use any of the Mac's audio devices to send/receive from the cell.
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Sailing Clicker is the business.
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... and Mac's don't do Bluetooth Stereo.
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Nintendo Wiimotes use Bluetooth to transmit motion and control data and can be used with Mac OS X to manipulate parameters in music creation software [1] [2].

You can use your Wiimote as a light sabre. You can also use it as an ersatz wireless mouse.
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I use a cordless Bluetooth mouse with my laptop, specifically the Logitech V270. It's a nice mouse and saves having to use a dongle like a regular cordless mouse needs; it's also available in black but the silver goes nicely with my PowerBook.

I also use Bluetooth to transfer photos from my phone to my computer. That's pretty handy.
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YoBananaBoy - I believe Leopard (aka OS X 10.5) will feature A2DP for Bluetooth Stereo.

I realize a link to someone saying they've heard Y is not proof of Y - but Y has been said by many...
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Dendrite: I was thinking of a Bluetooth headset, yeah. Looks like I'll have to check it out in a few months when I upgrade my phone. Actually, I had forgotten that BT is a one-one connection - I was thinking more along the lines of the mac "sniffing" that there's a call being answered in the immediate vicinity, and muting itself (or whatever behavior) based on that information.
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I use my bluetooth for connecting to an audio receiver, for playing my tunes through my stereo. I sit on my couch and listen to my tunes and surf the internet without a single cord!

You can also use a bluetooth enabled phone as a modem. Imagine this scenario: you and your friend are on a road trip, you are sitting in the passenger seat, surfing the internet while s/he is driving 60+ mph. You can have internet access anywhere you have a cell signal, and without having to reconnect to each new network (like with wi-fi).

You might need a data plan for the cell phone, and the speed is slower than wi-fi.
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Mouse. Not necessarily cool, but very useful, no interference, gps receiver.
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If you have OS X (ie Apple Macs), then you can transfer files between two machines. This happens at about the same speed as a wireless network (b, prob not g or n), but it avoids congestion on the network.

For example, if you're already transferring files to a server, then using Bluetooth to squirt a few MP3s to a colleague's computer will be quicker.
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AMR (American Medical Response) has bluetooth dongles on the ambulance's laptops. This allows the crews to print patient care reports to bluetooth enabled printers in the emergency rooms.

Aside from synching photos & contacts and using your phone as a powerpoint clicker, that's the coolest use of Bluetooth that I've seen yet.
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