Laundry stains = creatures?
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Have you seen illustrated decals that embellish laundry stains and turn them into "creatures"?

A few months ago I came across a female artist's portfolio website. The artist had only one item for sale: decals or iron-on transfers that embellish laundry stains. They came in four different designs - one was robots and another I think was aliens - with illustrated heads and appendages that you place around your unremovable stain to turn it into a creature (the stain becomes the belly). They were simple black line drawings and were really unique and funny.

The decals might have been priced in UK pounds, but I found the site from a U.S.-based blog. Now I can't find the artist's website, remember the artist's name or the original blog I found it through. Can you shed some light?
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OK, these aren't decals, but could you have meant the work of Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus?

You might have found it through
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Argh! I must find out what site Gusset is trying to find - I'm a very bad eater who loves me some robots.
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Response by poster: extrabox - thanks for the links - which are both wonderful, but not it...
i'll keep on hunting...
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