Help me face my Apple-II-related fears.
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Name-that-appleii-game-filter: I played it on an Apple IIe. When I was a children. And had nightmares about it.

Remember, Apple ii game - the screen is black and green. Basically there`s an orphanage on fire, and orphans (or maybe they`re regular babies and the building just happen to be full of them) keep falling - or being thrown out of the window. You maneuver a trampoline. If you catch the children, they bounce to safety, otherwise, a really scary EEEEEEERRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH sound plays. This gave me nightmares back when I was a child, circa 1988 I think. I want to face my fears! Help me, hive mind!
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Best answer: I had a handheld version of that game, called "Fireman Fireman." Here's a java version I came across.
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You sure it wasn't Firebird, by Nasir Gebelli? No trampoline, though.
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Best answer: There was a widespread DOS version called Bouncing Babies.
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I had the handheld standalone version of this game -- maybe it was Fireman, Fireman, as mentioned by nixxon? It was one of those small, low-res, black and white cheap plastic games. I was probably 8 or so. I can attest to its disturbing nature.
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Yeah... I imediately thought Firebird as well.
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Response by poster: Jeebus! Still freaking me out, EVEN without that horrible, horrible sound. Thanks guys.
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I used to hate that game. And I played it all the time. Now, Moonbugs, that was a different story.
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