My finger hurts from hitting print
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ActiveX Image view printing problem. Using the registar of deeds for my county, I'm able to pull up the bylaws for my neighborhood HOA. The problem is it pulls the 150 pages as tif images and displays them one at a time through an activex control.

I click print, then I click next, then print, you get the idea. How can I print all of these without spending all day doing it? Bonus points if I can print to a pdf. Thanks!
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Can you give a URL so we can figure out what methods they're using to store/retrieve the documents? If the links aren't being dynamically generated sometimes I'll write a wget script (in MS-DOS command line or Linux shell) to get files.
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Yes, without a URL we can only speculate, but once you have the link for one you can probably extrapolate the naming convention and use wget, curl or a fusker site (don't google for fusker at work, it's often used for not-work-safe image series).
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Maybe contact your local office directly? We've all been spoiled by the web's instant access, but people needed similar things before the internet.
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Is it linking directly to the TIF file, and the activeX dealie is just the associated viewer for TIFs? (meaning that you know the URL of the actual TIFs)

This happened to me once, so I just grabbed the image URLs of the images I wanted, fired up my text editor, and made a stupid list of HTML links to those files. Save-as HTML, open in browser, and then right-click and "save target as..." to download them. (HTML link tutorial if you need it)
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