How to delete undeletable cell phone photos
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The Verizon Motorola E815 cell phone comes with about 30 junk photos that won't delete, using up memory and making browsing the photos you want difficult. Has anyone figured out a way to delete them?
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Would these comments help?
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I can't guarantee that it will work with your phone, but I used a programme called PKman to delete the photos, videos and sound that came with my Motorola V600.
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I purchased a USB cord to connect my Macintosh with my Motorola RAZR; I then downloaded an application, whose name I can't remember at the moment, that allowed me to remove the bundled wallpaper, videos, and sounds I didn't want on the phone. I think in order to help you, people would need to know what operating system you're using (Linux, Mac, Windows). If you're a Mac user and I forget to come back to this thread, my e-mail address is in my profile; the program I use for my RAZR might work for your Motorola phone.
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Can BitPim Help? I know you can normally browse and edit the filesystem with it. I can only offer Google-skills from here.
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