What's going on in Seattle this weekend?
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Seattle Happenings: Looking for interesting shows, theatre, exhibits, or quirky events happening in Seattle this weekend.

Zonkout and I are visiting Seattle from April 14 - 17. We have friends in Seattle, and we're pretty familiar with the obvious landmarks and tourist sites. What we're trying to find is interesting happenings this weekend and early next week. Parsing out the decent stuff on Seattle Weekly has been difficult. We're definitely interested in funny or quirky/avant/indie music, movies, art, lectures, gatherings, etc., but not in a hippy sort of way. I'm thinking about something along the lines of the 3D museum in Portland, Cinerama, and the Miranda July book tour (which we're barely missing). Also, suggestions of really phenomenal veggie restaurants are much appreciated. Extra points for elaborate fake meats or raw food. Thanks!
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Try looking in The Stranger.
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Stranger = Suck.

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bamboo garden and cade flora are both AMAZING vegetarian restaurants
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Maybe "We Are You: A Statistical Musical"?

Best veggie restaurants are Carmelita and Cafe Flora, I think.

There's a raw-food restaurant, Chaco Canyon, below Cedars on Brooklyn, which is one of my favorite Indian eateries in Seattle.
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I just got back from Seattle. Cedars is one of my favorite Indian restaurants. If you're near Redmond, Preets is awesome, and they have the greatest milky sweets (and the food's awesome, too!) - we packed two boxes to bring home to NJ. We went to Queen Sheba for Ethiopian dinner - I thought the veg was a bit bland, but I hear the non-veg is better.
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Seconding The Stranger Calendar. Also, Exploit Seattle.

Carmelita doesn't do fake meats, but it's awesome. Araya is all vegan Thai.

Here's a list of the major vegetarian restaurants.
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Cafe Flora is the best fancy veg restaurant in Seattle.

Also April 16 is the two-year anniversary of the Kung-Fu Grindhouse at The Sunset Tavern, if you're into that sort of thing.
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Second Araya's and Cedars. I'm a meat-eater and I love me some Araya's vegan Thai. Watch out with the water at Cedars, though; I've never been at a restaurant more active about refilling your glass. It's been a year or more since I've eaten there, so things may have changed. But, if your glass is even a swallow below the rim, they'll top it off. I'm the sort that drinks whatever water is in front of me, which means a usual meal at Cedars involves a few trips to the bathroom. Soooo much water....
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Response by poster: We Are You and the Kung Fu Grindhouse are on the right track (though We Are You is over already). And can I say that I love Yelp? Seriously, who thought we needed more review sites? Keep 'em coming!
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Bamboo Garden does Chinese with fake meat.
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In The Bowl is a new, very casual vegetarian restaurant on Capitol Hill. It is profoundly yummy, and it offers a wide variety of fake meat choices.
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I just wanted to put a third in for Araya. Their vegan Thai lunch buffet is amazingly tasty and a good bargain.
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If the Stranger calendar isn't weird enough for you, there's always the Kink Calendar.
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