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I would like to compile a list of videogames (all platforms, all ages) that are set in Chicago, or have levels or scenes set in Chicago (like Tony Hawk 3 or Rampage: World Tour). I found this list on Wikipedia, but I'm guessing there are more. What are some of the others?

The only games I am not interested in are sports games set solely inside arenas like Comiskey Park, Soldier Field, the United Center, et cetera.
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Sam & Max seems to be set in Chicago, though it doesn't explicitly say so. There is an El Train.
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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

City is based upon New York and Chicago.
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Tell me Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
She go from Nashville to Norway, Bonaire to Zimbabwe,
Chicago to Czechoslovakia and back!
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The never-released, quasi-legendary, eerily prophetic 3DO title Duelin' Firemen. With cameos from Steve Albini and David Yow.
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King of Chicago
Chicago Enforcer

A well-constructed Google search of gamefaqs.com would reveal even more.
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Midtown Madness--a driving game where you could race cars (including a CTA bus) around a (strangely truncated) version of the loop.
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In Burnout 3: Takedown, the "Downtown" all-boost level is set in Chicago.
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Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox has some races there.
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