Consumer response to color cues
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Can anyone point me to information about color in the marketplace? I.e. (e.g. ?), which colors produce which responses in consumers?

I've googled with little success.
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try this-very basic and google: color psychology marketing
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Color is just one portion of the equation though. Have you read any Paco Underhill?
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it also varies cross-culturally as well. for lots of eye candy, but light on theory, try The Designer's Guide to Global Color Combinations: 750 Color Formulas in CMYK and RGB from Around the World If you go to amazon and start poking around color books, it will suggest LOTS of others as well.
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I realize this wasn't your main question, but "i.e." means "that is", while "e.g." means "for example".
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p. 141-142 in Consumer Behavior by Leon G. Schiffman and Leslie Lazar Kanuk have what you want, it even has a Cross-National Study of Color Ratings.

In the U.S. blue is the favorite, then green, black, white, red, gold, purple, brown, orange and yellow (In that order).
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My own memory technique, far divorced from the original latin, is thus:

i.e. = 'in english,'

e.g. = 'example given:'

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Just been thinking about this lately - in the Northeast at least, the color of choice to indicate food (or at least fast food) is definitely red, a particular McDonald's shade of red, followed by yellow and/or white. Signs are everywhere it seems (to my newly-moved-here eyes).
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Many (I don't have numbers but far north of 50%) of industry leaders have red logos or dominant color schemes. McD's, Coke, Cisco, Kellogs, Texaco, Target, Oracle, etc. It's true that different industries use different colors (the blue for banks connection above is certainly true), but consumer-oriented companies often use red.
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interesting relevant metropolis article (talks about people who's job it is to talk about this)

There was an interesting chart about brands and colors in Wired a few months ago, but I can't find it online.
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