What is this grotesque, possibly German short story?
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Help me remember the name and author of this short story. The pathetic male main character is abused and humiliated by an abusive female character (his wife, I think). The culmination involves some sort of grotesque and humiliating performance by the main character at a party, arranged by the wife.

I vaguely remember the author being German (though I could be wrong), and I read it in an anthology, so it's probably by someone pretty well known.
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sounds a bit like *who's afraid of virginia woolf?* - a play, not a short story
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(oh - the author of that one is Edward Albee)
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It sounds a *little* like The October Game by Ray Bradbury, but that's probably not it.
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Sorry for the double post, but here is a link to that story...
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Could it be "My lady love, my dove" by Roald Dahl, from "Tales of the Unexpected"?

Link to a synopsis here.
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How about, "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover"?
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Definitely sounds like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" to me, despite that not being a story.
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This was definitely a short story, or maybe a novella. Keep throwing things out there. This is really driving me crazy.

That said, I'm pretty much bound to like anything that fits the description I provided - so thanks for all the suggestions so far!
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Dead end alert - that's pretty much the plot of the classic Josef von Sternberg/Marlene Deitrich film The Blue Angel, which was based on a novel by Thomas Mann's older brother. Buut... I double-checked online, and Professor Unrat, or The End of a Tyrant seems to have had a completely different ending from the film and therefore wouldn't be what you're looking for. Sorry.
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Sounds like Patricia Highsmith's kind of nastiness, though she wasn't German.
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This is kind of obscure, but it could be "Titus Alone," the third book in the Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake. You can buy all three books in one volume, and it is the shortest of the books.
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Ah hah! I finally found it myself - it's "Little Lizzy" by Thomas Mann.
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