How can I scan several text pages and save them as one multipage TIFF file?
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I am being thwarted in my drive to scan text documents into multipage TIFF or JPEG files. A vendor has required this without stating how we are to get there, and my scanner mocks my feeble attempts to make it comply. How can I accomplish this?

We are using an HP Scanjet 8250 (and will possibly add the slightly cooler 8270 version), and none of the drivers or any other imaging software that are already installed at work will allow me to scan several pages of ordinary text documents and save them to a single multipage TIFF or JPEG file. Is there a scanner or reputable program that will help me in this? Because this is in a corporate environment, I can't use any shareware.
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There's no such thing as a "multipage" JPEG. The HP product page mentions NewSoft PageManager as included software, which can export to multi-page TIFF, at least in version 6.
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I had no idea that there was such a thing as a multipage tiff. But I'll say that since it apparently exists, if you do your scanning in either photoshop or illustrator your chances of creating one are high. lastly, are they willing to take a pdf? that would probably be easiest.
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If you have Office 2003, you have software that can handle this, in the Microsoft Office Document Imaging tool.
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oh you could have a multipage jpg - but it would be weird. Import each current jpg into something like Illustrator or Coreldraw. Line them up how you will, export again as jpg.
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Do you mean multi-page like a PDF, or multi-page like a a bunch of pages lying in a row (ie, a 17x11 size image composed of two 8.5x11 pages)?
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Googling "create multipage tiff" returns lots of links to software that will do just that.
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VueScan will scan directly to multi-page TIFF or PDF files. It's some of the best $75 I've ever spent.
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How big a project are we talking about?

If big, look for a real solution.

If small, try faxing it to yourself in EFAX, you can receive faxes fia email as multi page TIFF files. And you can set up an EFAX account for free.
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If you know anybody* who works for a FedEx Kinko's, their copiers can scan large quantities of documets to your choice of TIFF, JPG, or PDF in a matter of minutes.

*They'll charge you an arm and a leg if you don't know anybody there. You could also try talking to one of the late-night guys and maybe greasing his palm a little. It's highly against the rules, but FEK doesn't pay their employees very well** so I could see someone doing it for you if you were cool (i.e. discreet) about it. Also, if they do you a favor, don't expect to get free/cheap stuff all the time.

**Ex-employee, here...hope that was evident.
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