Tips about travel to Moab, Utah?
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Planning on visiting Moab, UT at the end of the week . . . any suggestions on short hikes or good places to stay in the area (preferably motel/hotel or camping)?
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* jealous growl *

You totally picked the perfect time to go. The weather is beautiful and it's the last week of off-season rates in all the motels.

Here's a map of Arches, if you don't have one already. My favorite hike was the Devil's Garden section in the north end of the park which takes you over some gorgeous rock and desert terrain. Not for those scared of heights, unfortunately, as there are dropoffs on both sides. Also make sure you stop at Delicate Arch and Windows, which have paths that take you around the structures.

We stayed at the Best Western, which was fine; check the rates because they swing upwards around April 1.
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Go see Canyonlands. Many people say it's almost as awesome as Grand Canyon, but much less crowded. We visited the Island in the Sky part in 1999 and found it to be true. Check at the visitor center for any talks and/or walks that are offered by the staff - they're usually very good, and you can get some background information about the geology or the plants and animals in the area.
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Quick suggestion: head for the Needles district of Canyonlands (+/- 1 hr from Moab), best hiking in the area by far. Ask the rangers (used to be one) about the "lost hiker" loop. Many many 5-10 mi hikes down here.

No email in your profile me, I just wrote a guidebook on this whole area. Happy to help - it's the best place on Earth.
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While agreeing with the Arches and, in particular, Canyonlands recommendations, I like camping at the base of Fisher Towers, which is on federal land but not in a national park, so you can build a bonfire and usually have a little more seclusion.

If you have the time, try paddling a ways down the Green River.
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I'll second Arches and Devil's Garden. If you can make it out to Dark Angel it's worth the extra effort. I can't offer any advice on accomodations however. When I visited a few years ago on Memorial Day weekend I didn't realize that it was THE weekend to go places in the U.S. I couldn't even get a camping spot. I ended up sleeping in my jeep in the Devil's Garden parking lot.

That in itself was a beautiful spot though, had wild electrical storms that night. The other like-minded people in the parking lot got kicked out by the rangers though. Not at all sure why they didn't give me the boot. Their flashlight was shining in my face but I just kept my eyes shut and waited for them to say something.
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I'm jealous too... only three hours away, but I'll probably be working.

Don't neglect Dead Horse Point. Not too much hiking to be done near there, but it is a phenomenal view. Hit it just before sunset.

substrate is right that you should plan ahead for lodging/camping. The area is not only a popular weekend destination but for a while it was a hot spring break spot -- not like South Padre Island or nothin', but still it could get crowded. Most of the hotels in town are pretty much the same. There's a few in-town camping spots, and a hostel too (the Lazy Lizard, which has private rooms and cabins as well as dormitory style) but it'd probably be better to try something out of town. I've never had trouble getting camping at Dead Horse or Canyonlands.
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Just went in February and stayed at Motel six. I'd been before, but this was my first trip to the canyonlands. My wife is pregnant so we drove around on top, but it was still amazing. Bring lots of batteries for your camera and a laptop to capture all the images so you can start the next day with an empty flash card.
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