Where can I find a vector-based image of a Chinese character?
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Where can I find a vector-based (or just a large rasterized) image of a Chinese character? [more inside]

Specifically, I'm looking for the Chinese character for "mother". It's pronounced "ma" and is composed of the radical for "woman" and for "horse", though no slight toward motherhood is intended thereby, I am assured.
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If you have a way to input chinese characters, a nice chinese font is all you need. I'm guessing it's more complicated than this...
posted by zsazsa at 2:02 PM on March 23, 2004

Whaaaat are you doing vraxoin? We need specifics, like if this might go in a comic book.
posted by Shane at 2:07 PM on March 23, 2004

try here (i think you could copy it in illustrator or freehand)
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This character?

Grab the above image in vector format (EPS file) from here. As zsazsa said, all you need is a nice Chinese font. ;)
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The character listed on your link is indeed 'mother' but, unfortunately, it is read 'mu' (as in mu'qian) and does not contain the 'horse' radical. If I am not mistaken, I believe that vraxoin seeks another character for mother pronounced 'ma' in the first intonation (as in ma'ma).

I have e-mailed vraxoin the *traditional* form of the character. In mainland China today, a slightly simplified version is used but I have sent the traditional form for two reasons: it is, in my opinion, more aesthetically pleasing and my current OS (Japanese Win2K) only contains the simplified form.

It is a Macromedia Flash movie (ma.fla). I included the character in six (6) different fonts (Gothic, Ming, Handwritten, etc.). I ungrouped the fonts so that the characters are vector graphics (you don't need the fonts on your system to view them and they can be easily scaled or transported to other software).

On preview: Doh! Damn you, chrismear! ;)
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Should have said:

...and my current OS (Japanese Win2K) only contains the traditional form.

BTW, the character posted by chismear is the traditional form as well. In the simplified form, the 'horse' radical (on the right hand side) is written in three (3) strokes.

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Response by poster: Man, AskMefi is the Greatest Thing Ever. And cup was so nice as to e-mail me that flash file, which was just perfection. Thanks, guys!!!

(And no, it's not for the funny books, Shane. Just a favor for a friend)
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