Ham and Onion sandwich recipe
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Ham and Onion sandwich recipe (Down South variant)

I just read James Lee Burke's Pegasus Descending and in it he has a Ham and Onion sandwich and that caught my fancy. Googling H&O Sandwich gives a multitude of recipes so could anyone from Louisiana help out with the real thing?
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It doesn't look as though the man himself weighed in, but you'll find some insight here.
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Wow, Ham and Onion sandwich, eh? I know I'm not being any help when I say this, but, I'm from Baton Rouge, my family are from Ascension and West Feliciana Parish, my wife's family are from St. Landry and Avoyelles, and many of my friends are from Lafayette and Iberia Parishes. I've traveled over just about every inch of this state, and I have never in my entire life heard of such a thing as a Ham and Onion sandwich.

To be frank, it might just be something that Burke's family does...
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Nope, got northwest Louisiana covered and never heard of anything of the sort.
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I would say... Something to do with vidalia's, myself.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, is this why it's called fiction?
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If it cheers you up any, you can feel glad that you made some of us (at least me) aware of an author in my own back yard.

So, thanks to you!
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